Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It’s March 1, it’s almost the start of my very favorite time of the year, spring! Just 20 more days left and it’s official. I think I’ve always loved Spring so much, and found it to be my favorite season, because it is time for things to be new and fresh and colorful after a long dreary winter, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

Many of you might remember that one of the reasons I fell away from Northwest Pretties in mid 2012 was when it was decided that a new house was going to be built to replace the manufactured house the property was purchased with. And, that “I” would be the contractor on that project! There just wasn’t time for both. You may also remember that the New House was signed for occupancy around this time in 2014, yet many projects remained on the list of things to complete … i.e., rock walls, landscape, concrete, moving in, decorating, etc … all very time consuming and distracting.

What most of you do not know is that right on the heels of this remarkable and exciting event of building a dream house, my mother took a turn for the worse in her Alzheimer's disease, when it became apparent that she would no longer be required to continue with her tri-yearly clinical evaluations in the progression of her condition. She had reached the maximum stage of mental degeneration. All that would remain would be the slow process of her physical degeneration[s.]

Living out of state and being the oldest of her surviving children was met with some tough challenges, emotionally, spiritually & physically. I traveled back and forth as much as possible. A week here, 10 days there and I was always available for the long, long phone calls in between those visits with my little brother and little sister. We held each other up through some very heartbreaking events that unfolded as this cruel disease manifested over the next year and a half.

But we did it. My little brother provided her daily care. Friends and neighbors helped look after her. My little sister and I did as much as possible {distance} and then with the assistance of nurses and hospice helping all of us, my mom got to stay in her home. (It was her greatest fear that she would die alone in a nursing home.) On Nov. 11th 2015 my mom passed away, in her home with her 3 surviving children, me by her side.

One of the last “conversations” I had with my mother was about me. I had come for a visit and when I walked in the door from the airport, I said “Hi Mom, it’s me, Susan” as I leaned in to give her a hug and kiss, she looked at me without words. My little brother popped up and said, “Mom, it’s Susan, from Seattle.” My mom raised her head and said, “I have a daughter that lives in Seattle, she owns her own business and makes the most beautiful things, do you know her?” I told her that I did, very well. She carried on about all the “beautiful” things I had created over the years and flowers I had arranged for garden shows, and awards and all about this and that.

It’s almost Spring. The perfect time for me to use as a fresh, new out-look on everything! I have the spirit churning... the buds are bursting, the birds are singing and I'm ready. I do love what I do, so much. I love creating beautiful things! And I can't wait to jump in. =)

And mom would be proud.

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