Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Northwest Pretties: Christmas at Versailles 4x4 Book Marie Antoinette

This fabulous book all finished up and on it's way to me! I am so happy to share it with you all! I'm so excited to receive it. I'll always treasure it ~that is for sure!

A Huge Thank you to all the group members who joined in this swap, and especially Rhonda who did all the binding and made extra pages for an extra chunky book! It is so special.... I hope you'll enjoy it too!

Friday, December 11, 2009

~ Patients IS a Virtue ~ A Garden Party Gazebo

I thought I'd share the beauty of this darling miniature Garden Party Gazebo that I have finished up and entered into a contest. I was rallied & cheered on by my granddaughter.

I designed a place that I could imagine myself entering and lounging around in with my favorite magazine or book and a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

The only rule for the contest was to start with this particuliar building/gazebo. It came in pieces -raw wood. I crackled and antiqued the frame in a creamy white over vintage green. It turned out fabulous, I was very pleased. The flooring was done with a paintable fresco wall paper that I cut & pieced together. I also antiqued that. I used fresh wispy birch branches to enter-twine in and around the roof and around the posts. They emerge from a pair of "cherub" column planters that I painted black and gave a gold highlight to. I attached the various pink paper roses all around on sprigs of baby tear and pepper berry greenery.

I used 2 victorian wire chairs, a victorian bird cage (decorated in roses & birch too) and a baker's rack, all of which I painted black. I made a chair cushion for the fan back wire chair and even little bow ties hanging from the back. I created the swing by removing the legs from a cottage style "sofa"... I punched holes on the back and arms & used eyelets and rings to attach & hold the vintage pearl and wire loop "chain" hangers. I hand made the sofa cushions and throw pillows from things I had on hand and hand painted the frame in black with gold accents which matches the little table where you'll find waiting a cake and pretty tea cup and saucer.

I had a lot of fun designing this and my granddaughter is so pleased. I can't wait to find out where (or if) we'll place in the contest. No matter the outcome, we've had a great time doing this. I'll keep you posted, I 'm not sure when they announce the winners.

The scale is 1 inch = 1 foot.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Marie Antoinette Christmas at Versailles

I finished my pages for the 4x4 Book Swap. We had to do 12 pages (there were 12 members who joined this swap.)

This is what we had to do:
Create one original Marie Antoinette 4 x 4 page and then make x number of color copies (one for each member) via your local copy center OR your home printer. Please use card stock or heavier, no paper pages. Embellish your copies to you heart's content. You can use any type of embellishments. It can be a digital page, you can cut and paste to collage, or make a copy on your printer and add to it. Whatever you like. You just need to make sure that each participant has your page for their book.

Put your name and any other info you would like to share (email address, blog/flickr page) on the back of your page, and feel free to decorate. Please remember that this is a book and both sides of your page will be viewed.

Send your finished pages to me. I will then bind all participant's pages into a book and send one book to each participant.

Exciting isn't it!!

Here are the pages I sent: