Wednesday, January 28, 2009


USS JOHN C. STENNIS is 1092 feet long and towers some 20 stories above the waterline. As a self-contained city! Amazing isn't it!! My cousin, Michael, just set off for another long deployment. He isn't expected home until sometime this summer, between July and August! It's a darn good thing it is "like a city."

I am thankful for the men and women in uniform, it really does take someone very special to go out into such an uncertain world fraught with danger -to protect all of us. I honor them.

Hurry home Michael! He leaves behind his wife, April and their 4 daughers ages 12, 9 & 4 (4yr olds are twins). I'll be babysitting a lot! <>

Here's a picture of it pulling out of San Deigo:

Here's another one pulling out of Bremerton Naval Base. The treed area you see behind the ship is my town... Port Orchard!! :

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Snowy Morning in the Northwest

Imagine our surprise when we woke up to a heavy dusting of the white stuff! It's not so bad when you expect it, but when you hear nothing about the "chance" it catches you off guard.

So no errands got done today, sigh...ho hum... which is why I'm reminded that you shouldn't put off what you can do "today" because you end up even more behind when plans can't go as scheduled .... "Just Do It"

Yeah, hubby stayed HOME again !!

Pictures taken at home Tuesday Morning.

My Granddaughter painted the happy face on the side of her birdhouse. That was a summer craft project. Lots of fun and the birdhouses are fabulous!!

I love the way they stand out against the white snow! *Prettie* huh?? Every year we get the little native finch nesting. Every year (or every other ...depends) they get a new make-over.

Monday, January 19, 2009



I came across this passage and thought what a profound Message ...I really liked it and felt it was worth sharing!

"Live in the future with which you create your present. Create and exchange and don't forget to acknowledge yourself and others."

~Sofia Milos

Here's To Hope for New Beginnings for our Great Nation.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Message for the Day:

Waiting for the propert timing is a trap. Every time has it's risks and it's pitfalls, so whatever it is you want to do, do it now. Seize the moment you are in, to do things you dream about. You are an unlimited being who is part of an unlimited universe. Have faith that if you follow your dreams, the resources you need to complete the journey will be delivered to you when you need them.

Seize Opportunity

Some cute scenes from my holiday home:

The darling *sparklie* PiNk house was a gift [last year] from my friend, Christy (CC's

The vintage Santa and Sleigh w/reindeer was a thrift Store Find! Excellent!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quote For the Day

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

-John Wooden

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Isn't this just the Sparkliest "Celebrate" Party Hat??  

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back To "Normal"??

Shall I say such a thing? The last time I thought things were going to "get back to normal" was Sunday afternoon!

I was counting the final hours until hubby goes back to work after an

~*~E X T E N D E D~*~ (((3))) week "Vacation" um...(minus one day he went in ....)

this was all due to:



*more snow

*more ICE


*more snow

and ICE

oh yeah... lest we Forget

*New Year's!

....When Low and Behold, just after aLL the snow FINALLY melted away, it started snowing again, around 4:00pm LAST NIGHT and it ends up that it SNOWS another 6" by [Monday] Morning! yep, you guessed it... trapping him home

ONE ~*~ M O R E ~*~ DAY

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year !!!

I thought I would start off the New Year with a resolution to keep my blog updated on a VERY regular basis! ... so I do hope you'll come back often to see the latest news, events, special quotes to remember, recipes, and some awesome pictures, both new and old!! I'll also keep my blog updated with current & up-coming offerings & listings!

The First Quote:

"If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream."
--Martin Luther King Jr.

Here's to a Great New Year~ Hoping ...


Some amazing pictures looking up my road in Port Orchard, Washington during the recent snowfall!

My Poor Little Scion~ Yeah Really BURRIED!! For Days!!