Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Memory of My Sweet Chow Chow Wrongway

The time came that after over 14 years of loyal devoted friendship, my old guy passed away on the 20th. It's so heartbreaking ~ but I will always get to keep with me the memories and faithfulness and love that this old dog had for me and my family.

Wrongway's mom, Ginger, passed away just over a year ago, his dad Grunger, passed away about 9 years ago. Wrongway was from a litter born right here at home, where both his mom and dad lived. He was born breech, hence his "strange name". I showed him for about 4 years, he earned 11 points towards his Championship when his show career ended as a result of an injury to his ear. So... he has hung around, being the "Master Of The House" & ... ever since.

We'll miss you "old Man" ..

He leaves his animal friends, Sally and Nala, behind.

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