Friday, February 12, 2010

I Finished my Marie Inspired Felted Hearts!

Our Challenge was to:
Sew 3" hearts, using felt. There are many pretty colors to find in felt, please use Pastel colors.Wool or Polyester blend is fine for this project, but If you're using wool felt, please ask your partner before hand if she's allergic to wool first
For one hearts cut 2 pieces of felt in the shape of a heart 3"... for the center stuffing you can use sheet batting it's flat and easier to work with. or you can double your felt and use that for the inside stuffing.
You can make these either hanging ornaments or hanging sachets to hang in your closet, using ribbon, string or fibers.
For embellishing use lace, trims,ribbons, and mini flowers, or anything that's pretty. You can add your sachet inside before you sew together.(using sachet scents optional)
These can be hand sewn or machine sewn, embellishments can be attached with a clear fabric glue, felt is easy to sew, these are quick and easy. In the photo above I sewed my hearts together by hand using a blanket stitch, the embellishments I used a clear fabric glue, the choice is yours. Thanks everyone, enjoy!

Here are my Hearts:

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with the wonderful fabric! The next swap is for "Felted Eggs" and you all know how much I love the soft pastels of Spring!!