Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marie's Favorite Flower - 4x4 Book Swap

TYPE OF SWAP: ADVANCE 4 x 4 Chunky Book Page

I am starting to dream of Spring. Everyone knows how much Marie Antoinette loved the flowers from her gardens. Envelope her in some favorites for this blooming book of beauty!

Number of pages to make was 8 (one for each member's book.)
One of the members then bindd the books and sendd them back to each entry for a Spring celebration Chunky Book!!

This is the funnest type of swap there is as far as I'm concerned! These darling books are so sweet and inspirational. This swap makes my total 3! See the past posts on this blog to see the others, Valentines Day '10 and Christmas '09.

I hope you enjoy my page for the Favorite Flower Book! I used vintage images from a 1929 book which featues the hollyhocks and canterbury bells! Marie's garden would not be complete without her Roses and Maine Coon Kitties, "Poppy" and "Alexander."

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